New years eve

Had a nice time visiting with dad at the house. It was nice to catch up. We hadn’t really visited in a while.

Looking back to last January 1st, my ambitious goal was to…read a book. So sad.

This next year I’ll give up on journaling every day. I don’t think it got me anything.

Maybe 2023 will be the year I go back to the gym. My mood has been crap lately. A little more exercise couldn’t hurt.

Whomsoever reads this, have an incredible 2023! I hope all your dreams come true!!

Edit: thought I’d attach something else I did all year. To the best of my memory…these are all the movies I watched all the way through in 2022. If I didn’t watch the credits roll, it didn’t go on the list.

Jan 1 Once Upon a Time in the West, the good the bad and the ugly

Jan 2 the godfather parts 1 and 2, Scarface (Pacino version)

Jan 3 Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz

Jan 4 dredd, blade runner

Jan 5 all 3 back to the futures

Jan 6 Total recall, Terminator 2

Jan 7 2001

Jan 8 the shining, the running man, V for vendetta, Sweeney todd

Jan 11 the silence of the lambs

Jan 12 across the universe

Jan 13 the dark knight

Jan 14 Charlie and the chocolate factory,  Beetlejuice, Dr no.

Jan 15 dark city, the usual suspects

Jan 16 the room, dawn of the Dead classic, hairspray classic, Pecker

Jan 17th didn’t watch any

Jan 18th lucky number slevin

Jan 19 natural born killers, Kickboxer

Jan 20 repo man

Jan 21 Paddington

Jan 22 mars attacks, the wedding singer, interview with the vampire

Jan 23 Lawrence of Arabia

Jan 24 killer klowns from outer space

Jan 25 return of the living dead

Jan 26 Encanto, tangled, volver

Jan 27 nada

Jan 28 bloodsport

Jan 29 Moana, the incredibles, singin in the rain

Jan 30 American splendor

Jan 31 for a few dollars more

Feb 1 Highlander

Feb 2 nada

Feb 3 Highlander again

Feb 4 Paddington again

Feb 5 Encanto

Feb 6 Encanto again, the incredibles again

Feb 7 moon

Feb 8 Kung Fu Hustle

Feb 9 nothing

Feb 10 nada

Feb 11th the lion king 1.5, the grinch

Feb 12 confessions of a dangerous mind

Feb 13 superman 78

Feb 14 scarface

Feb 16 robocop

Feb 19 Kickboxer

I didn’t watch TV for 2 weeks

March 2 hotel transylvania sequel

March 10 true romance

March 28th hot fuzz

April 7 eternal sunshine…

April 15. Coraline, the incredibles, toy story

April 16th volver

April 20 bloodsport

April 21 zoolander, life of brian

April 23 the bad guys

April 26 the shawshank redemption

May 1 Kickboxer

May 4 Total recall

May 7 serial mom

May 15th arrival

May 22 men in black

May 31 parallel mothers, the one where captain America ate babies

June 3 Paddington againnnnn

June 19 fucking Paddington

June 24 hairspray original

July 1 tangled

July 2 godfather

July 4 spaceballs, coraline

July 24 Forrest Gump

July 27 don’t look up

July 31 spectral, the gray man

August 5 constantine

Aug 9 bloodsport

Aug 11 contagion, American ultra

Aug 12th superpets, the Highlander

Aug 16th silence of the lambs

Aug 26th 3000 years of longing

Aug 31 toy story 4

Sep 1 monty python and the search for the holy grail

October 10 Matilda, inglorious basterds

Oct 25 once upon a time in the west

Oct 30 return of the living dead, the witches of eastwick, interview with the vampire

Oct 31 the good the bad and the ugly

Nov 5 blade runner

Nov 8 nightbreed

Nov 11 chicken little, the worst and most inane children’s movie ever made

Nov 13 austin powers 1, oceans 11

Nov 14th Addams family values, edge of Tomorrow

Nov 19th the world’s end

Nov 23 out of sight,  dave

November 24, 25 a bunch of Harry Potter movies , buckaroo banzai, the Philadelphia story

Nov 27 face off

Nov 29 volver

Dec 2 Total recall

Dec 7th alien resurrection, the dark knight

Dec 8th shin godzilla, 2001

Dec 9th the shining

Dec 16th robo cop, lifefore

Dec 18th night of the comet

Dec 19th day of the Dead, the Elvira movie

Dec 21st men in black, resident evil

Dec 24 anon, the godfather

Dec 29 trolls, Paddington 2 again, megamind, night of the comet

Dec 31 the godfather 2, Shaun of the dead

Dec 30

Friday. Took charisma to the mall and doing some errands.

Then I was exhausted and ate some cookies and napped. The adventure museum wad BUSY. So many screaming kids

Dec 29

Charisma is over tonight. We made pizza and cookies.

Also we sewed, painted, drew, sent a letter, played monopoly and upwords, and reframed some art. Our attention spans are about the same.